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By 2014, annual global mobile data traffic will reach 3.6 exabytes per month. Globally, businesses and consumers will be transferring the equivalent of billions of DVDs each month. What’s driving that incredible growth? What does it mean to service providers? Are users worldwide becoming mobile data megalomaniacs? Read on to find out. Before I get into details, I’d just like to point out that a lot of this data comes from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Forecast. A great summary of Cisco VNI research is here, along with a helpful mobile data forecast whitepaper, can be found here. Video is, well, huge, and getting ginormous So, what’s going on? Let’s take a look at a key driver of the pending data deluge: Video. Video is becoming more social and, as a result, getting more use. But, more importantly, it is easier to discover and access than... (more)

Retrans-Consent: Be Careful What You Ask For!

Image via Wikipedia With the recent battle between Cablevision and Disney over Retransmission Consent in New York regarding WABC-TV carriage on Cablevisions 3.1 million subscribers, and thereby producing a coalition of Cable Providers to petition the FCC to intervene in negotiations, is akin to the saying: (be careful what you ask for). It seems to me, this is a business market negotiation best handled through competitive market forces rather than asking the FCC to get involved in a dispute between two companies. The (ax can cut both ways) when it comes to oversight of the pipel... (more)

Broadband Competition and Pricing: Lessons Providers must Learn

Image by believekevin via Flickr I believe everyone can agree that Broadband Competition and Pricing are high on their lists of (all things broadband). Yes, consumers and businesses alike want a high quality broadband experience with dynamically fast upload and download speeds, and with seamless and unbridled applications to fill their Christmas wish lists. It seems as though we are going in that direction, at least on the applications front, with innovators like Apple, Cisco, Motorola, and others, where competition is a daily fact of life; where CEO’s champion innovation, and s... (more)

The National Broadband Plan: Affordable-Speedy-Accessible-Competitive-Socially Sound

The FCC’s recent release of its long awaited Broadband Plan has hit the streets with a resounding affirmation of what America needs with connectivity, competitiveness, affordability, speed, and social readiness. If the plan is adopted as proposed, America will truly benefit from the economics of a public-private partnership in creating a superior broadband pipeline for global success, see (National Broadband Plan: Connecting America). The Plan Outline: Accessible and Affordable to 100 million homes with speeds of 100 megabits upload and 50 download Be (Number One) in Mobility a... (more)

Video Content: Movie Theatre’s still King-Kiosk and Cable watchers on the Increase

According to research performed by Market Force Information, Inc. movie watchers still prefer going out to enjoy the Theatre movie experience for various reasons, including: Experience of watching movie on the Big Screen Not wanting to wait to see new releases Enjoying a movie with friends Movie Theatres were a good venue to take a date It seems like experiencing a new movie release has not changed in the many years since its inception; consumers view this as a justifiable and entertaining expense, at least some say every month. 70% of 3,000 responders indicated they would go to... (more)